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We provide 100% Custom All Laser Corneal Wavefront LASIK driven by the fastest laser in the world, the Amaris 1050RS!

Four Reasons to Get LASIKXtra at Jerry Tan Eye Surgery!

A Stronger Cornea

We offer Accelerated Corneal Crosslinking services which can help increase the strength of the corneal by 3 to 4 times while preserving the corneal biochemical integrity.

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Safer Surgery

2 The SCHWIND Amaris 1050RS is offered at Jerry Tan Eye Surgery to provide patients with maximum safety and enhanced patient comfort.                                      .

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More Stable Results

3 We provide Intralase All-laser LASIK at Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, achieving more stable results, fewer complications and overall better outcomes.

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More Accurate Results

4 Neurovision, a non-invasive, patient-specific vision perceptual learning program, is offered at Jerry Tan Eye Surgery to give better and more accurate results.

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