The entire human visual system includes the tear film / cornea in the front, the lens, retina and optic nerve in the middle, and the brain (visual cortex – part of the brain used for seeing) in the rear. NeuroVision™ improves the ability of visual cortex to distinguish contrast. This treatment is a nonsurgical, patient-specific computeraided perceptual learning program that is based on visual stimulation.

By training the brain with specific and specially oriented images called Gabor patches, new nerve connections can be facilitated in the visual cortex.

This improves contrast sensitivity and, in turn, enhances visual acuity and quality. Studies have also shown that NeuroVision™ can even help improve post-LASIK under-correction with great efficacy.

It can also enhance an already good post-LASIK correction. This is now called NeuroLASIK™.


The latest innovation to improve LASIK outcomes arrives in a form that has nothing really to do with LASIK! The visual system is made up of the eyeball, the optic nerve (the nerve connecting the eyeball to the brain) and the visual cortex (the part of the brain used for vision).

LASIK improves image capture just like the high-resolution of an expensive lens on a camera. The image is captured on the retina akin to the CCD camera chip. The brain processes the image and can usually refine and improve what is captured by the eye, much like how Adobe Photoshop® improves a captured image.

When NeuroVision™ is combined with the latest in LASIK surgery, e.g. PerfectShape® LASIK – it can potentially improve vision beyond the 20/20 or 6/6 line. In other words, the brain can process images to perceive better than ‘perfect’ vision.

NeuroLASIK™, the combination of NeuroVision™ and any advanced customised LASIK requires one important ingredient – motivation!

NeuroVision™ trains the brain to see better with improved contrast and requires 30 to 40 sessions of training, much like how an athlete trains to run fast. Poor motivation will lead to poor learning and eventually leads to inferior results. A highly motivated patient can improve a

LASIK result whether it be from good vision to excellent vision or excellent vision to superhuman vision!