Potential Side Effects

Dry Eyes

As we age, there is a slow reduction of tear formation. Also, prolonged use of contact lens may lead to dry eyes, making contact lens wearers intolerant to their contact lenses. Many contact lens users seek LASIK treatment because they want freedom from their spectacles, but can no longer use contact lenses because of their dry eyes. Read More

Night vision problems (Glare and Halos)

Glare and halos are common complications which can occur after surgery. They are more likely to occur in people who are highly myopic or those who have recently undergone LASIK. Even so, with newer lasers, very few patients complain about severe disabling glare. Read More

Loss of Contrast

Another common complication with standard LASIK, especially when a small optical zone is utilised, is the loss of contrast sensitivity. Visual acuity is a combination of clarity and ability to distinguish contrast. Loss of the ability to distinguish contrast reduces the quality of vision. Vision appears “washed out”, and this is most apparent in dim light. Read More