What is LASIK Xtra?

LASIK Xtra is a safe, painless and a low risk procedure performed during LASIK surgery to strengthen the cornea.

The cornea is made of numerous layers of collagen fibres. LASIK Xtra works by using a Vitamin B2 solution and ultraviolet light to strengthen the collagen in the cornea. LASIK Xtra induces the production of bonds between these collagen layers, “connecting” and strengthening them together.

LASIK Xtra was developed as a extension of corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL). CXL was developed to strengthen diseased corneas that were weakened by genetics (Keratoconus) and surgery (ectasia). Click here to learn more about corneal cross-linking.

LASIK Xtra does not increase the duration of LASIK surgery. It requires the application of 45 seconds of Vitamin B2 eye-drops and 45 seconds of ultraviolet light application with the Avedro KXL machine. This is a very short procedure and the UV light application causes cross-linking of the layers of the cornea.

How does LASIK Xtra help your vision?

LASIK Xtra strengthens your cornea. From our study published in the European Journal of Opthalmology (December 2014) and other studies published in peer-reviewed journals, the stronger cornea appears to:

  1. Improve the accuracy of the LASIK procedure
  2. Improve the stability of the final result
  3. Reduce the risk of complications such as corneal ectasia, which is caused by the weakening of the cornea
  4. Animal studies also show that the LASIK flap adheres better to the cornea after LASIK Xtra and appears to reduce the risk of flap shifting and displacement.